Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pets of the Week: Bridget and Tyler


What can you say about a girl who loves people, loves to play, and loves to walk in the woods? You can say, "I need that dog!"

Bridget was a stray who no one ever came looking for. We scratch our heads and wonder how anyone could lose such a girl and not come looking for her, and they've had plenty of time. She's been here since June 2012.

Bridget walks well on a leash and is eager to be with you. She's great with kids, and people, and with some proper introduction, can be good with your dog. She would prefer that you don't put cats in her way, though. She might just want to play chase, but her idea of play probably isn't the same as the cat's.

Bridget is up-to-date on her vaccines, and has been spayed. Lucky you, that she's still here!


Tyler will blow your socks off! He's gorgeous and funny and LOVES attention! Which is why it's so shocking that he's still here. He came to us in April of 2012 skunked. Yes, he'd been sprayed, and was skinny and sad. The stink has been gone for months, but poor Tyler is still here. Still, we kinda have him tucked away in Cheryl's office and only show him to special people. We have been ordered to find him a good home, so here's your chance. 

He's glossy, and solid black, with the most amazing orange eyes. And he's large too! Tyler has been neutered and is current on his vaccines. Come meet him; and we'll take you into the inner sanctum---the secret password is "Tyler."

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