Saturday, March 8, 2014

Single Guy Seeks Love--Meet Phil


 Old enough to shave, but still a boy at heart. All my women friends say I’m too great a catch to be single. What gives?


Nice looking, polite, obedient. Is there a girl out there who wants a traditional guy who still believes in ladies first and the magic of the first sniff?

 Are you looking for long walks in the park?

  Want to share cuddles in front of the tv?

 I’m your man. Let’s meet and talk over a tall glass of pond water.
You can learn more about me HERE,
or come meet me at Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter, 14647 McCourtney Rd, Grass Valley, CA 95949, 530-471-5041 

Some details: I'm about 6 months old, and probably have some pit and something something in my genes. Don't you just love genes???
Anyway, this nice family gave me a break from the shelter and I had so much fun with their kids and goats and cats and chickens! They said I was the perfect house guest! Come on now! Let's talk!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

COPPER--Single Male Believes in Love at First Sight




 Urban hipster who still believes in love at first sight seeks same. Digs classic cartoons and all Ren and Stimpy.

Treats. I love treats.

 Watch this video of Me!

I'm a philosophy buff, and believe the world delivers to us just what we put in to it. Spiritual but not religious--Spinoza, Deepak, the Kabbalah are a few of my fav reading. 
I AM a lover.

I'm a particular dude and don't really care for casual meetings with other dogs, and I'm sorry, but I really dislike cats (hey, we all have our issues, and I'm willing to take on yours!).

I'm a real sucker for people who love me though. Really. You love me? I can't help myself, I love you right back! I'm mean right back atcha, babe!
I'm loving on our photographer, Karen.
If think we might have a chance, and if you're searching for nirvana, let's fetch a couple chai lattes and see if we connect.

 Learn more about me HERE!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Single Guy Looking for Love --Vance

 Natural bodybuilder who likes to work out with other buff muscle dudes and dudettes is looking to be worshiped.

I'm a very butch guy—61 pounds of solid muscle—
6-pack abs—nice bubble butt.

 I love natural foods and beverages (no toilet-bowl water sippers please--although an occasional Twinkie is acceptable.)

My pic is for real, you should be for real too.

 Don’t string me along. Let’s meet over some Perrier 
and share our portfolios.

Call me at Sammie's Friends 530-471-5041 in Grass Valley, CA.