Saturday, March 1, 2014

COPPER--Single Male Believes in Love at First Sight




 Urban hipster who still believes in love at first sight seeks same. Digs classic cartoons and all Ren and Stimpy.

Treats. I love treats.

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I'm a philosophy buff, and believe the world delivers to us just what we put in to it. Spiritual but not religious--Spinoza, Deepak, the Kabbalah are a few of my fav reading. 
I AM a lover.

I'm a particular dude and don't really care for casual meetings with other dogs, and I'm sorry, but I really dislike cats (hey, we all have our issues, and I'm willing to take on yours!).

I'm a real sucker for people who love me though. Really. You love me? I can't help myself, I love you right back! I'm mean right back atcha, babe!
I'm loving on our photographer, Karen.
If think we might have a chance, and if you're searching for nirvana, let's fetch a couple chai lattes and see if we connect.

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