About Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter

As of July 1, 2010, Sammie's Friends began operating the Nevada County Animal Shelter at 14647 McCourtney Road, in Grass Valley, Ca. 

The mission of Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter
As a no-kill shelter, our mission is to provide medical care for the animals at the Nevada County Animal Shelter, making them adoptable, and to support other disadvantaged animals in Nevada County that without help would otherwise be euthanized to end their suffering.

We accept donations to pay for medical care for the animals.  Many animals come to the shelter with medical conditions and behavioral issues which can make them unadoptable if untreated, even if the condition is not life threatening. Through your donations, and fund raising and grant writing efforts these animals are treated and adopted.  

In 2011, Sammie's Friends had 2000 animals come through our gates.

To learn more about Sammie's Friends, or to donate go to our Website.

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