Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kitten Season!!

They spit when my feet move, and I'm startled each time. Of course, they spit because they're startled each time too.
These are pretty babies.

We're full of kittens now, and there's a kennel by my feet with five babies in it. There are cages upon cages with babies in them, many fresh out of foster care, spayed or neutered and ready for their new homes.

Family of Five O-SO-CUTIES

Kat, a volunteer, cuddles a kitten
These are the sweetest kittens and handled so often that they think people are their real moms.

Many of the volunteers and staff have foster kittens at home, and these babies are being home-grown until their old enough to come to the shelter and be spayed or neutered and adopted.

While these guys are all adorable and we're uncompromising about finding them good homes, the world would a whole lot less crowded if the parents had been altered. Please come down and adopt a cat, and please, please alter your pets.

Michelle McKenzie lives with four foster kittens, one foster cat, two cats of her own, six dogs, five horses, and a very tolerant husband.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Singles- Meet Bruce at Sammie's Friends

Bruce is perfect if you’re shy. Yes, if you’re too shy to start conversations with strangers, just arriving with Bruce will change your life. He’s a happy-go-lucky boy with a huge sense of humor. Really, we can’t recall of a time when Bruce didn’t think something was too funny for words.
Bruce loves doing laps in the pool!
Really, we can’t recall of a time when Bruce didn’t think something was too funny for word. He's pretty darn thrilled when it's time for a walk, and likes to play with other dogs too (which is great if you're all worn out from Bruce-play!)

Look at that grin!

More about Bruce 

Pet ID: SF 3-21-12 • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • Primary color: Brindle • Coat length: Short 
Call Sammie's Friends to learn more about this cool guy, or come on by to meet him at 14647 McCourtney Rd. Grass Valley, CA