Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rare Breeds at Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter!

Sammie's Friends has a shelter full of the rarest of rare dog breeds!

 Bianca is a 'Waltre Hound' who arrived in June. Her previous owner kept her tied up in the garage. Poor thing! This young girl (about a year and a half) needs a family to love and play with. She displays lovely vocal abilities. Bianca LOVES playing with other dogs. Please consider this gorgeous girl as your true-love! 
Bianca is a rare Waltre Hound

Gucci is a Bigdon, a cross between a Great Dane and Blunopi. He's BIG and goofy, and will be the best friend you have ever had. He arrived here August 7th and we're amazed that an owner never came for him. We figure he's about 7-years or older. What's that mean for you? It means you will have a mature friend to romp with! He's housebroken, and loves his toys (so much so that he carries one with him on his walks!).

Gucci is a rare Bigdon

Gucci listens to Cheryl

Pansy is a rare Piticue
Pansy is a Piticue and she's been at the shelter since May! You would have a hard time finding a more tolerant and good-natured girl. A totally, like fur-sure, California girl, she loves swimming, and walks on the beach and fast cars. Pansy is NOT a  fan of cats, and doesn't believe cats and dogs should EVER live together. Silly girl. But that's her thing, and we'll just have to agree with her.

Call Sammie's Friends at 530-471-5041 or just swing by to meet these guys. Kennel hours are every day but Sunday.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If You Knew Buddy


Hellooo? I need you.

What can you say about a dog that grins at you all the time? That he's nuts? Or is he just the sweetest dog in the world? The latter is the correct answer. Buddy is the sweetest!

Buddy is great on a leash because he's with YOU and that's all he really wants. 

He loves to romp with other dogs too! 

From Buddy's lips "Aw come on! Let's play! Got a ball? I can't play with livestock or cats--I just get too darn excited, but I'm ready to play with YOU and your other family members!


I kiss you with my lips.

Buddy is learning the command 'wait' before he jumps out of the car, "CAR? Did someone say CAR?" And he's learning to 'leave it' too, which helps when he sees a squirrel.Likes water, so a swim would be a blast, or even a small kiddy pool!

Come meet Buddy at Sammie's Friends! Kennel hours are 12-4 every day but Sunday at 14647 McCourtney Rd, Grass Valley, CA.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Helping Horses at Sammie's Friends

Oliver was thin and in need of care when he came to us from a homeless man.

This donkey's foot was very overgrown.
You might think of Sammie's Friends as a place for dogs and cats only, but we get our share of horses donkeys who need our help too. Horses have some completely different needs from dogs and cats. They need their hooves trimmed, their teeth floated (filed) sheath cleaned, and udders cleaned to name a few.  And like dogs and cats, they need good food (hay), vaccines, and a place to get out of harsh weather.

 And all that care is incredibly expensive. Grass hay is around $21 a bale right now, and an average size (1000lb)  horse can go through a bale in a few days.

Donkey was in need of help, and has a new home now.

Here's a small selection of horses who needed our help in 2012. Thanks to your donations and two grants from the ASPCA, we were able to help all the horses and donkeys that came to us.
Mini mare, Pearl, was in our care for quite awhile.

While some are in foster homes for care, a few make it to us here, and we care for them until we can find them great new digs.  We thank all of you, and the ASPCA for your generosity!

Mini mare baby, Jewel, now has a new home.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pets of the Week: Zeke and Neiko

Zeke is one darn fun dog. He says, “Do you like to play ball? I love to play ball. Like to hike? I love to hike! Like other dogs? Me too!!”

Zeke is a 5 years old Britney/lab cross. He gets along with other dogs. (Probably not cats and little furry things.) His previous owners moved where they couldn’t take him. Why would anyone move someplace they couldn’t take this guy??? Such a cool boy. He’s house trained, understands no, and he’s been neutered and is up-to-date on his shots. He’s been around men, women and kids. 

Zeke loves to play fetch. Full of energy, this guy will be a wonderful family friend.  
About the Brittany (from the AKC website) The Brittany is strong, quick and agile, requiring exercise and activity to occupy his body and mind. He is a happy and alert dog who possesses willing attitude. Regular brushing is important, but their shorter coats need minimal maintenance.

Neiko is a nice, older gentleman, around 10 years old. He likes dogs and people, but he’s not too crazy about other cats. Once he knows you, he’s relaxes and purrs. And he LOVES to be held.

In his heart, he feels he’s a retired fellow who should be sitting on the beach under an umbrella and with a glass of milk at hand. 

Still, he’ll be perfectly amenable to supervising your home too, if the beach gig is unavailable. Neiko talks to us when we come up to him. 

Come on down and talk Neiko. You'll both enjoy the conversation!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pets of the Week: Dozer and Popeye

Meet Dozer

Dozer came to the shelter in September as a stray. His owner used drugs and couldn’t care for his dog, so he dumped him. 

Barbara, one of our volunteers, said, “Dozer was such a good companion when we went on an outing to the Empire Mine! He rode quietly in the car on the way over and he thoroughly enjoyed all the sights and sounds. He was friendly with the many people we met, including those on bicycles, and paid little attention dogs we encountered.” Dozer is affectionate, gives freely of his kisses and delights in being with you. 

Meet Popeye

Popeye is such a little sweetheart. He was hit by a car, and had his eye removed, and a hernia repaired. Now he is healthy and safe and ready to get back to work. We figure he was someone’s personal assistant because he’s so eager to help. Let him type, file and work your remote control, and you’ll both be happy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pets of the Week: Bridget and Tyler


What can you say about a girl who loves people, loves to play, and loves to walk in the woods? You can say, "I need that dog!"

Bridget was a stray who no one ever came looking for. We scratch our heads and wonder how anyone could lose such a girl and not come looking for her, and they've had plenty of time. She's been here since June 2012.

Bridget walks well on a leash and is eager to be with you. She's great with kids, and people, and with some proper introduction, can be good with your dog. She would prefer that you don't put cats in her way, though. She might just want to play chase, but her idea of play probably isn't the same as the cat's.

Bridget is up-to-date on her vaccines, and has been spayed. Lucky you, that she's still here!


Tyler will blow your socks off! He's gorgeous and funny and LOVES attention! Which is why it's so shocking that he's still here. He came to us in April of 2012 skunked. Yes, he'd been sprayed, and was skinny and sad. The stink has been gone for months, but poor Tyler is still here. Still, we kinda have him tucked away in Cheryl's office and only show him to special people. We have been ordered to find him a good home, so here's your chance. 

He's glossy, and solid black, with the most amazing orange eyes. And he's large too! Tyler has been neutered and is current on his vaccines. Come meet him; and we'll take you into the inner sanctum---the secret password is "Tyler."