Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rare Breeds at Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter!

Sammie's Friends has a shelter full of the rarest of rare dog breeds!

 Bianca is a 'Waltre Hound' who arrived in June. Her previous owner kept her tied up in the garage. Poor thing! This young girl (about a year and a half) needs a family to love and play with. She displays lovely vocal abilities. Bianca LOVES playing with other dogs. Please consider this gorgeous girl as your true-love! 
Bianca is a rare Waltre Hound

Gucci is a Bigdon, a cross between a Great Dane and Blunopi. He's BIG and goofy, and will be the best friend you have ever had. He arrived here August 7th and we're amazed that an owner never came for him. We figure he's about 7-years or older. What's that mean for you? It means you will have a mature friend to romp with! He's housebroken, and loves his toys (so much so that he carries one with him on his walks!).

Gucci is a rare Bigdon

Gucci listens to Cheryl

Pansy is a rare Piticue
Pansy is a Piticue and she's been at the shelter since May! You would have a hard time finding a more tolerant and good-natured girl. A totally, like fur-sure, California girl, she loves swimming, and walks on the beach and fast cars. Pansy is NOT a  fan of cats, and doesn't believe cats and dogs should EVER live together. Silly girl. But that's her thing, and we'll just have to agree with her.

Call Sammie's Friends at 530-471-5041 or just swing by to meet these guys. Kennel hours are every day but Sunday.

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