Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Helping Horses at Sammie's Friends

Oliver was thin and in need of care when he came to us from a homeless man.

This donkey's foot was very overgrown.
You might think of Sammie's Friends as a place for dogs and cats only, but we get our share of horses donkeys who need our help too. Horses have some completely different needs from dogs and cats. They need their hooves trimmed, their teeth floated (filed) sheath cleaned, and udders cleaned to name a few.  And like dogs and cats, they need good food (hay), vaccines, and a place to get out of harsh weather.

 And all that care is incredibly expensive. Grass hay is around $21 a bale right now, and an average size (1000lb)  horse can go through a bale in a few days.

Donkey was in need of help, and has a new home now.

Here's a small selection of horses who needed our help in 2012. Thanks to your donations and two grants from the ASPCA, we were able to help all the horses and donkeys that came to us.
Mini mare, Pearl, was in our care for quite awhile.

While some are in foster homes for care, a few make it to us here, and we care for them until we can find them great new digs.  We thank all of you, and the ASPCA for your generosity!

Mini mare baby, Jewel, now has a new home.