Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pets of the Week: Dozer and Popeye

Meet Dozer

Dozer came to the shelter in September as a stray. His owner used drugs and couldn’t care for his dog, so he dumped him. 

Barbara, one of our volunteers, said, “Dozer was such a good companion when we went on an outing to the Empire Mine! He rode quietly in the car on the way over and he thoroughly enjoyed all the sights and sounds. He was friendly with the many people we met, including those on bicycles, and paid little attention dogs we encountered.” Dozer is affectionate, gives freely of his kisses and delights in being with you. 

Meet Popeye

Popeye is such a little sweetheart. He was hit by a car, and had his eye removed, and a hernia repaired. Now he is healthy and safe and ready to get back to work. We figure he was someone’s personal assistant because he’s so eager to help. Let him type, file and work your remote control, and you’ll both be happy!

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