Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dogs and Trucks and Dragging Karma

Why would someone drag a dog behind a car? That's a rhetorical  question. Look at that face. This is a nice dog. He was dragged behind a car until his pads and nails were pulled off, and then was cut loose and left crumpled in the road.

Some folks speculate that he might have fallen from the back of a truck and was dragged by accident. Even so, someone cut him loose and left him to suffer. And die. A kind person found him there. Covered in asphalt and gravel and cleaned him off. They then took him to the vet. That's when animal control and Sammie's Friends got involved.

We named him Karma and we hope that the person who did this to him will experiences the full affects of karma.

Other dogs are in the shelter who have fallen from trucks. It happens often. Tie the dog up, or not, and the dog jumps out, get's strangled, breaks a leg. Fill in the blank.

Two are here right now. Doja had her hip and leg broken the first day the family got her. They put her in the truck and took off. Result: one broken dog. For months, no help was sought for this dog. Then she was turned over to the Sammie's Friends. Nice. After extensive surgery, she's recovering in a foster home. She's a sweetheart too.

The other dog here is Lady. She has three legs now after her truck episode. She's a charming girl, but even after damaging her, they turned her in to the shelter. How sad.

 According to the Humane Society of the United States, 100,000 dogs are killed each year in accidents involving riding in truck beds. Although it is not illegal in Arizona, a number of states have banned this form of pet travel. Read the article.  

Dogs don't belong in the back of your truck. Please don't put your dogs in your trucks---put them in the cab with you, or leave them home.

Karma's case is different from Doja's and Lady's. At least their owners didn't do it on purpose. At least their owners didn't leave them where they fell. To suffer and perhaps die.

A reward has been posted for the person who dragged Karma. We're also accepting donations for his medical care. If you would like to help, you can use the Paypal link on our website (this link will take you there), or you can mail your donations (the old fashioned way) to Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter, 14647 McCourtney Rd., Grass Valley, CA 95949.

To all those who have already sent your good wishes to Karma, a big THANK YOU!


  1. This breaks my heart.
    I pray for all the
    voiceless ones......
    and have deepest
    gratitude for all those
    of you that care for them.
    Blessings be.

  2. Stories like this break my heart, knowing that every day there are countless animals suffering because of humans. People like you are my heroes and are the only thing that gives me any faith at all in humanity. Thank you with all my heart for everything you do!

  3. That's awful... Poor Karma, he is a very handsome dog. He looks almost exactly like my Anubis. Our dogs are our children basically. Would you strap your daughter to the bed of a truck? I think not...