Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pretty Girl, Slender, Likes Walks on the Beach - Morgan the Pit

Hi! My name’s Morgan and I love people. Oh sure, a lot of people say that but I REALLY LOVE people! I’m shy too. Silly, huh?

I find being at the shelter and meeting new people everyday, very difficult. It's like speed dating! I dream about having my own home with room to run and my own people to love. I hope to have another dog to play with too someday, but I’m not fussy. No, I'm not.
I was found walking the streets looking for my last family, but I never found them. A kind person brought me to Sammie’s Friends for safe keeping.

I dream of walks, Frisbees, and a warm, snuggy bed so I can sleep right next to my new family (when they find me). Of course, if they would like me to sleep in bed with them, I am more than willing to do that too. I've been spayed and I'm up-to-date on all my shots.

Can I fetch your slippers? Bring you the paper? Keep your feet warm?? 

Meet me at Sammie's Friends, Monday thru Saturday, 12-4pm.


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