Monday, March 19, 2012

Who the Heck is Murphy the Cat?

My full name is Murphy Elliott-Caporale.  I lives here at Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter, and this is my Woman Debbie.  I am about two years old in my first cat life.

I am important here in the office and even types. See? cv cv cv. I actually typed that. I'm not typing this blog though. Even typings just this little bit leaves me exhausted.

I'm here when cats comes in to get spayed and neutered. I welcome them and tell them they are going to be okay. I help my people when they use phones and spreadsheets. So many calls all day. People looking for their lost cats and dogs. (Dogs. Who cares.) I'm glad they won't have to have kittens. Kittens are a lot of work. 

The Man makes pages that shows all the dogs and cats and horses (what's a horse?) and chickens, and roosters (I know what roosters is---we had one in the office.) that comes into the shelter and goes out. Everyone finds a home. Yay!

Sometimes after a hard day, I has to have a mocha.

When I came to Sammie's Friends I had a problem with my nerves. Some motor problem thing made me walk kinda funny. My Womans, and my Mans all love me. I think they're nice too. I think I might be pretty lucky. Some peoples wouldn't have loved a wobbly cat so much.
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