Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Is In the Air---Time to Spay and Neuter!

Spring is in the air. Trees are beginning to blossom, and (just perhaps) the rainy season is coming to an end. The air is fragrant and everything looks green and beautiful.

The sad news is if you're pet is an unspayed or unneutered cat or dog, it's that time of year to roam, fight, impregnate or get pregnant. How sad that such a glorious season can end in lost or injured animals and so many unwanted litters.

 Each year Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter, the Grass Valley Animal Shelter and AnimalSave collectively take in about 1,000 kittens. If these kittens were wanted, they wouldn't be in a shelter. Several hundred unwanted
puppies are taken in by Pound Puppy Rescue, Animal Save, the Grass Valley shelter and Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter each year.

Sometimes people think a litter would be fun to have, or that they need to let their pet have a litter before they spay it. "It'll be easy to find homes for Fluffy's kittens!" These folks are surprised to learn how much work it is to have puppies or kittens. And that no one wants Fluffy's kittens. It's around this time when these babies are brought to the shelter.

Male dogs and cats can smell a female in heat up to a mile away. If you wonder why your unneutered male dog or cat is constantly getting out and running away, this is probably why. Do not underestimate the reproductive urge. It is powerful.

Please give your pets the best Spring present ever — spay or neuter them!

Sammie's Friends has vouchers that Nevada County residents can receive to help pay for the procedure. Anyone who has absolutely no money can call Sammie's Friends at (530) 471-5041, and we will see to it that your dog or cat gets spayed or neutered.

Do it SOON! Spring is prime mating time and about two months from now the puppies and kittens will show up. Are you ready for them?

author Cheryl Wicks is the co-founder and president of Sammie's Friends in Grass Valley. For more information, visit

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