Tuesday, March 13, 2012


You may recall the June 2011 story where Sammie's Friends, Nevada County Animal Control and several horsewomen were called out to rescue 12 horses from deplorable conditions on Banner Lava Cap Road.

Thank you to ASPCA for your generous grant
After several days of hard work, and trudging through four to five feet of mud, the horses were ready for the vet, hoof trimmer, and groceries. Most were thin and had overgrown feet requiring immediate attention. They were also desperate for dental work.

But wait, there's more! Many of the horses had not been gentled, making them difficult to handle, and requiring experienced foster and adopter homes.

We're very nearly at a Happy Ending though! The eight stallions have all been gelded, and many of the horses have already found new homes.YAY!

Knickers went to Journey's End Animal Sanctuary in Arizona. Watch Knickers on YouTube.

Thanks to many generous donations from the Nevada County community and a grant from ASPCA, we were able to do the work needed to for these horses to make them adoptable.

To learn more about the horses that are still waiting for homes go to Sammie's Friends at Petfinder.  You can also see them at Pinterest!

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