Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Call To Action--Please Help!

Buddy in his new home

A GIANT THANK YOU to all of you who have generously supported the animals over the years.

We made it through the winter and need to gear up for spring and summer now! There will soon be 100s of unwanted kittens coming to us at the Shelter for care and eventual adoption.

Sammie's Friends runs the Nevada County Animal Shelter where we care for nearly 2,000 animals a year! As well, we provide medical care for another 800 animals in our community who desperately need help. We provide care for over 30 horses, delivered dog and cat food to North San Juan and Washington for the many hungry animals there, and we paid for over 1500 animals to be spayed or neutered over the past year alone.

The most costly thing we do at the Shelter is spay/neuter and provide medical care for animals in the shelter and in the community. We see so many animals that have not been care for in years and desperately need our help. Without it, they would continue to be in misery or be euthanized.
 Bart was ripped up by a neighbor's dog. This poor guy was close to death and no one thought he'd survive. He was taken to the vet and revived, but then it was discovered that he also had a seriously infected leg from his owner doing an at-home amputation. (Without anesthesia!!!)  Today, Bart is doing really well.

Elmo After Surgery

Elmo the pony came to us with a weepy, oozy eye that was horribly uncomfortable. The owner never came to pick him up, so we took care of his medical needs. His eye was removed, and had a tumor in it. Elmo is doing great now in his foster home.

The animals need our help. There is no one else. Please donate as generously as you can. Every penny is spent on care for the animals. Please take a moment right now to write a check to Sammie's Friends or go to our website and donate through Paypal.

With your generous help, we do everything we possibly can to ensure that the animals of this community have a good life and are not left to suffer with hunger, injuries and illnesses. 

Thank you for your big heart for the animals and any help that you can provide.

May all good things come your way.

Cheryl Wicks and Curt Romander
Sammie's Friends
14647 McCourtney Rd,
Grass Valley, CA 95949

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